Contact Lens Care

Contact Lens Care
Once you've decided which Cleaning product you'd like to try, discuss with your eye doctor. Don't switch brands until you determine that the new brand is compatible with your other products and with your contact lenses. Regardless of which brands you use, remember:

Avoid getting tap water on your contact lenses and other accessories ,as it can carry a microorganism that causes serious eye infections.

Never touch solution bottle tips to any surface, including your body: This can cause contamination of the solution.

Remember to clean your contact lens accessories (lens case, cleaning/disinfecting devices, enzymatic cleaner vials and so on) as instructed.

Lens cases should be rinsed with hot tap water and dried when not in use. Some eye doctors recommend using only contact lens disinfecting or multipurpose solution for this step.

Change or throw out your contact lens case once a month, or as directed, to reduce your risk of infection. Most importantly, clean and disinfect your contact lenses once a day. Not only will your eyes be safer and healthier, but your contact lenses will be more comfortable to wear, too.

Place your contact lens into lens case when not wearing.The lens case must fill up with lens solution and not tap water.Most lens solution will provide a free lens case.
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